Layoffs Affect Tech Industry; Complete List Of 2023 Tech Layoffs

layoffs affect tech industry; complete list of 2023 tech layoffs

layoffs affect tech industry; complete list of 2023 tech layoffs

The tech industry has witnessed major layoffs so far this year. From big tech companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Yahoo, Meta and Zoom to small fintech startups have laid off thousands of employees.

Layoffs affected 7,331 employees in the tech industry in October. Earlier this year, nearly 89,554 employees were laid off. In November, Chewy, an American online retailer of pet food, laid off more than 200 employees. Amazon laid off 180 employees in the gaming division on 14 November. Cruise, an American self-driving car company, laid off contingent workers on 9 November. Google, an American multinational technology company, laid off workers from consumer support staff and Google Users & Products department. 

December 2023 layoff

Chipper Cash

Chipper Cash – a fintech platform that offers mobile, cross-border money transfer services – laid off 15 people across various departments. It was the company’s fourth round of layoffs this year. Starting from 2022, Chipper Cash has so far laid off a significant number of employees.


According to tech crunch, SmileDirectClub, a teledentistry company, has shut down less than three months after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Amid layoff tsunami, around 1,500 employees were laid off from the company. 

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Zulily, an American e-commerce company headquartered in Seattle, Washington, laid off more than 500 employees after closing fulfillment centers in Ohio, a state in the Midwestern United States.


Tidal, a Norwegian-American music streaming service, is set to lay off more than 10% of its staff. The 10 per cent number translates to about 40 jobs. Approximately 40 staffers across multiple departments will be affected by the layoff.


Incredibuild, a computer software company, laid off 20% of its workforce. It reportedly laid off employees on December 5, 2023. It raised $35 million in a Series B funding in 2022.


Spotify, a Swedish audio streaming and media services provider company, laid off about 1,500 jobs. It was Spotify’s third round of layoffs this year. Spotify CEO revealed the reason why 1,500 employees were laid off. Daniel Ek, the co-founder and CEO of music streaming service Spotify, said, “By most metrics, we were more productive but less efficient. We need to be both.”


Twilio, an American company based in San Francisco, California, laid off around 5% of the company’s workforce. Twilio on December 4 revealed its third major round of layoffs.

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