Canada to Recruit Immigrants, Mainly From Silicon Valley to Boost Economy

canada to recruit immigrants, mainly from silicon valley to boost economy

canada to recruit immigrants, mainly from silicon valley to boost economy

Canada has launched a special work permit for foreign workers who already have the H-1B visa, the most common entry permit for immigrants working in the tech in the United States. The Canadian government wants to recruit highly skilled immigrants from all over the world through its ambitious program. 

It aims to entice workers laid off in Silicon Valley. Sean Fraser, a spokesman for Canada’s immigration ministry said Canada began the program last month, drawing 10,000 applicants in the first 48 hours. He highlighted the 10,000 quota was filled in the first two days of the week. “We even had a whole campaign to promote this and we had to put an end to that.” It is unusual for a country to so explicitly target the visa holders of another country. 

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Fraser said the Canadian work permit was aimed at America H-1B visa holders at the Collision tech conference in Toronto. According to the ministry, the Canadian work permit includes study or work permit options for the accompanying family members of US H-1B visa holders. 

Bruce Heyman, a US ambassador to Canada during the Obama administration, said this would definitely be US’s loss. “Canada sees the opportunity to bring talented individuals into Canada and if we can’t keep them, shame on us and kudos to Canada for identifying the opportunity and attracting them. Being attractive for the best and brightest to come to America has always been a key to our success and any diminution of that comes with a lot of risk, especially since our birthrate is running below replacement rate right now.” 

In the last five years, Canada’s Justin Trudeau-led government has boosted immigration more than 40 percent. The country added more than 400,000 new permanent residents in 2021. Moreover, Canada is fast-tracking applications for work permits for anyone with a sought after skill. This category includes high-tech, healthcare workers, carpenters, plumbers, and pipefitters.

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