Best and highest paying Chemistry major jobs

best and highest paying chemistry major jobs

best and highest paying chemistry major jobs

With a degree in chemistry major, students can contribute to a wide variety of work. Chemistry is one of the interesting majors. Majoring in chemistry can give you jobs in medicine, research, the chemical industry and institutions. In this article, you will get to know about the best and highest paying chemistry major jobs.

1. Chemical engineer

You can become a Chemical engineer after getting a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering or a major in Chemistry. For entry-level positions in chemical engineering, you just need a major in chemistry. Chemical engineers can earn around $74,323 per year.

2. Analytical chemist

Analytical chemists conduct basic laboratory research using chemistry studies and instruments. They analyze the chemical composition of substances. You need a degree in chemistry to enter this field. They can earn around $59,256 per year. This is one of the best chemistry major jobs. 

3. Crime scene investigator

Crime scene investigator is one of the most interesting jobs. Chemistry major with biology can help you to enter this field. However, you need vast experience to become a good crime scene investigator. The starting salary can be $53,500 per year. Experienced people can get around $85,500 per year.

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4. Academic researcher

Academic researchers in this field can also make a good amount of money. Academic researchers apply their academic and practical knowledge of chemical compounds into studies. They can make between $63,371 and $75,541 per year. 

5. Cheminformatics Data Scientist

If you have a chemistry major degree, you can become a Cheminformatics Data Scientist. You will analyze chemical compounds in drug discovery projects. Experienced Cheminformatics Data Scientists make around $102,337 per year.

6. Biochemist

Biochemists are trained in biochemistry. You need to complete a chemistry major with subjects like biology, physical science, or engineering, to enter this field. Biochemists can make around $100,270 per year.

7. Agricultural chemistry

If you have done your major in chemistry, you can also start your career in Agricultural chemistry. They study and analyze agricultural production, ammonia in fertilizer, and pesticides. They usually make around $41,110 to $125,450, based on their experience. 

These are some of the best and highest paying chemistry major jobs.

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