India’s ruling party blaming Myanmar migrants for Manipur violence

india’s ruling party blaming myanmar migrants for manipur violence

india’s ruling party blaming myanmar migrants for manipur violence

Manipur, a state in northeast India, has been gripped by ethno-religious violence since May. The ongoing conflict is between the Meitei people and the Kuki tribal community. However, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the ruling political party of the Republic of India, is not taking serious measures to end the conflict.

On August 9, Amit Shah, the Minister of Home Affairs of India, talked about the ongoing conflict in Manipur. He said that the violence was erupted because of Myanmar migrants. He said that an influx of the Kuki community from Myanmar into Manipur “created insecurities among Meiteis.

Amit Shah said that the “Kuki Democratic Front” started a movement in Myanmar and a large number of “Kuki brothers” came to Manipur. However, there is no group by the name “Kuki Democratic Front” in Myanmar.

Amit Shah’s comments drew sharp criticism from other political parties. Manipur’s 10 Kuki MLAs, including eight from BJP, slammed Amit Shah for his remarks. The Indigenous Tribal Leaders’ Forum (ITLF) also condemned Amit Shah’s remarks. 

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However, the Home Minister and the BJP did not do anything to end the conflict. They started a blame game, which affected the peace in Manipur. 

According to reports, 181 people have been killed in the Manipur violence, as of 29 July. More than 300 people have also been wounded and approximately 54,488 people have also been displaced.

Amidst escalating violence and unrest in Manipur, such statements from a member of the ruling party can cause havoc. 

Earlier this month, houses were set on fire in fresh violence in Manipur. Three people were also killed from the Meitei community. 

Reportedly, violence erupted in Manipur, a state of 3.2 million that borders Myanmar, after a court ordered the state to consider giving the Meitei community special economic benefits and quotas in government jobs that have already been given to the Kuki people.

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