Australia Tightens Student Visa Rules; What Is Temporary Migration Program?

australia tightens student visa rules; what is temporary migration program

australia tightens student visa rules; what is temporary migration program

Australia has said it will tighten visa rules for international students and low-skilled workers under new migrant policies. Australia can also halve its migrant intake over the next two years. 

On Monday, Australia said that the government wanted to overhaul what it said was a “broken” migration system. Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said that Australia’s migration numbers needed to be wound back to a “sustainable level.”

What is Australia’s temporary migration program? What can students expect? Will they be allowed to study in Australia? What can migrant workers expect?

A new 10-year temporary migration strategy was released on Monday. It would raise the bar for international students and some migrant workers to get a visa.

What is Australia’s temporary migration program? 

A new 10-year Australia’s temporary migration program aims to create new visas targeting highly skilled workers. It includes a crackdown on the use of student visas, imposing restrictions on employers looking to import low-skilled workers, more scrutiny on a student’s second visa application, and control migration.

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Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil said, “Our strategy will bring migration numbers back to normal. It’s not just about this moment and the experience of migration our country is having at this time. This is about Australia’s future.”

What can students expect?

International students would need to score higher ratings on English tests. Students entering Australia on a student visa will be able to work part-time. A new specialist visa will be created for people who will earn over $135,000 a year.

Reportedly, the increase in net overseas migration in 2022-23 was mostly driven by international students. The sudden influx of foreign workers and international students had exacerbated pressure on the Australian government.

In recent months, Australia’s Labor government boosted the entry of highly skilled workers and smoothened their path to permanent residency.

The new policy will help Australia to recruit top migrant workers and best students amid tough competition with other developed economies.

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