ASF Pickets Winona Teachers and Students As Strike is Impending

asf pickets winona teachers and students as strike is impending

asf pickets winona teachers and students as strike is impending

A significant disruption to the beginning of the new school year may be in store. If a new agreement with Minnesota State is not reached, the Administrative and Service Faculty (ASF) has threatened to go on strike.

According to Tyler Treptow-Bowman, the intercultural and completion coordinator at Winona State, “Our union means business, and we’re ready for a fair and equitable contract.”

Higher wages for all employees were the main demand from the workforce.

Since we collaborate closely with the ASF staff, we are able to observe the amount of work they must complete and the increased demands placed upon them, according to WSU professor Kayla Olson.

According to Bowman, we want some significant increases as well as fair language that moves us forward.

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More than 57% of administrative and service faculty, according to the ASF website, are struggling to make ends meet.

I had no idea what to expect when I first walked in here. Garrett Haugen, a student at WSU, said that no one should have to work multiple jobs in order to make a living wage.

According to WSU Professor Mary Jo Klinker, being present here is an act of solidarity to make sure that everyone is treated fairly at work.

In response to the protests, Minnesota State sent the following statement to KTTC:

Minnesota State seeks to resolve the 2023–2025 MSUAASF collective bargaining agreement through good-faith bargaining. We are confident that our state universities will remain open and prepared to provide our students with the seamless, high-quality higher education experience they deserve. In the meantime, our state universities are developing contingency plans that will ensure the continuation of essential services in the event of a strike.

On August 22, the second day of the fall semester’s classes at Winona State, ASF employees will be able to strike for the first time legally.

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