As Labour Force Expands, Unemployment Rises

as labour force expands, unemployment rises

as labour force expands, unemployment rises

The number of people employed or looking for work increased by more than 1,000 between April and May, causing the unemployment rate in Northeast Michigan to nudge higher.

In May, the unemployment rate in Alpena, Presque Isle, Montmorency, and Alcona counties was 5.8%, according to the Michigan Department of Technology, Management, and Budget. This is an increase from 5.6% in April and 5.6% in May 2022.

That occurred as the labor force in the four counties increased by almost 1,100 people month over month to 26,516 in May.

Regional unemployment rates increased in May as people started looking for summer employment, according to a statement released on Thursday by Wayne Rourke, director of labor market information at the Michigan Centre for Data and Analytics.

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Northeast Michigan residents who are looking for work but are unable to find it increased by 60 people from April to May, reaching 1,453 people last month.

The fact that the labor force in this area expanded much more quickly than the ranks of unemployed residents of Northeast Michigan suggests that the majority of people who looked for work in the past month were successful in doing so.

According to DTMB, the statewide unemployment rate increased to 3.8% in May from 2.9% in April.

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The unemployment rate increased from 4.2% in April to 4.6% in May, was the 31st-lowest among Michigan’s 83 counties in that month. The rate in Presque Isle County fell from 7% in April to 6.2% in May, placing it in 68th place last month.

The rate in Montmorency County fell from 7.2% to 6.9%, placing it in 74th place.

Alcona County’s rate, which ranks 72nd, remained constant at 6.5%.

Livingston County, which had an unemployment rate of 2.4% last month, had the lowest unemployment rate in Michigan.

Ontonagon County had the highest rate of unemployment at 8.7%.

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