Are You A Coffee-Badger Or Job Hopper?

are you a coffee badger or job hopper

are you a coffee badger or job hopper

Do you frequently change jobs or do you love your job? Job hopping is a workplace trend that is growing exponentially in the labor market. If you frequently change your job then you are a job hopper. 

Do you know there are so many workplace trends? The work culture has also been about quiet quitting, lazy girl, snail girl era, and more. Do you know about coffee-badging? What is coffee-badging? 

If you go to the office to drink morning coffee, then you are a coffee-badger. In this trend of ‘Coffee badging’, employees come to work just to show their faces. It is a kind of protest against the work-from office mandate.

Are you a coffee-badger or job hopper?

In this trend of coffee-badging, workers come to the office, grab a cup of coffee and talk among coworkers. After a little while, they leave and earn a theoretical badge for showing up at the office. They continue their work from home.

‘Coffee badging’ has started as a way for employees to meet their required in-office mandates, but avoid spending too much time at the office. If you do this, you are a coffee-badger. 

Job hopping is not a new trend. It’s been here for ages. Gen Z has brought this trend back. 

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Gen Z employees are bringing back the notion of not wanting to stay in one place for too long. They frequently change their jobs for better pay and work-life balance.

If you change your job frequently and do not like to stay in one place for too long, you are a job hopper.

Workplace trend

Gen Z workers are starting various new workplace trends. From “Bare Minimum Mondays” to “Lazy Girl Jobs,” these workplace trends are popular among Gen Z workers. The introduction of the buzz phrase “Lazy Girl Jobs” to the workplace by Gen Z employees has contributed to the work life balance for women.

Bare Minimum Mondays is embraced by Gen Z workers. In this trend, they do as little work as possible on the first day of the week to minimize workplace stress. 

Which is your favorite workplace trend?

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