5 Biggest Challenges Faced By Migrant Workers In Foreign Countries

Biggest Challenges Faced By Migrant Workers In Foreign Countries

Biggest Challenges Faced By Migrant Workers In Foreign Countries

Last updated on October 3rd, 2023 at 11:10 am

Migrant workers often go to foreign countries in search of jobs. However, they often face challenges at work. Today, we present to you the list of the 5 biggest challenges faced by migrant workers in foreign countries. Let’s know more about these problems.

5 biggest challenges faced by migrant workers

Cultural barriers

When a person moves from one place to another, they may face problems due to cultural differences. Every nation has its own culture and traditions. A migrant worker may feel left out if he doesn’t understand the culture of the nation where he wants to work.

To solve this problem, a migrant worker can learn about different cultures and appreciate cultural differences. You can communicate with locals to understand the culture of the nation.

Language barriers

Another big problem is the language barrier. To communicate with people, you need to understand their language. Every nation has its own language. Migrant workers are often isolated if they do not speak the official language of the nation. It can also make it difficult to understand legal documents.

The best way to show that you appreciate the nation is by learning the native language. You can also understand legal documents if you learn the native language. You can always start with small steps.

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Lack of benefits

Generally, migrant workers do not get lots of benefits like other workers. Migrant workers are often not eligible for benefits such as pensions, insurance plans, disability and Social Security benefits from the government.

Many migrant workers also lack access to proper health care because countries restrict the benefits they can receive. This issue cannot be solved completely if the government does not take any action. However, you can always communicate your problems to your employers.

Fair payment wages

Sometimes, many unscrupulous agents coerce migrant workers and don’t pay them minimum wages as per law. They take advantage of migrant workers’ conditions and force them to do extra work without any extra payment.

To solve this problem, migrant workers must be aware of their rights. They should know about laws and minimum wages. You can always get this information from local authorities. You can communicate with local workers to know more about workers’ rights.

Accessing services

Undocumented migrant workers have an especially difficult time accessing services. They also may not be willing to report a workplace injury because they are afraid of being reported to immigration authorities or losing their jobs.

You can always take help from NGOs if you face any difficulty. If you face sexual exploitation at work, you can complain about it to the authorities. They will help you.

These are the 5 biggest challenges faced by migrant workers. Share your views about this matter in the comment section below.

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