Your Ultimate Guide To Top 12 Part-Time Jobs In Canada

Your Ultimate Guide To Top 12 Part-Time Jobs In Canada

For higher education, Canada is one of the preferred destinations by international students worldwide. Besides providing world-class education and excellent educational facilities and infrastructure, the culture of part-time jobs in Canada helps international students manage their living expenses and gain valuable work experience. Part-time work is significant for students in Canada, as income from these jobs helps to supplement their income and cover living expenses. Part-time jobs help international students to develop practical skills and pay their tuition fees. It also helps international students to improve their communication skills, improve language proficiency, and adapt to different work cultures and environments. Students with a valid study permit in Canada are allowed to work part-time jobs. The hourly pay for these jobs ranges from $13 to $25 and can increase up to $30 to $75 per hour depending on the type of work. The Canadian government offers supportive policies to support international students, and Canada is famous for its welcoming attitude and multicultural society. We are here with a list of the Top 12 part-time jobs in Canada.

Top 12 part-time jobs in Canada

1) Teacher’s Assistant

Estimated Wage:C$15.65/hour

Various schools and professors hire teacher assistants to help them in their work throughout the term. The work of a teacher’s assistant includes creating lesson plans, tutoring and helping students, student grades, and updating paperwork. To apply for this part-time job, you need to have completed one year of university and have experience in a specific course.

2) Bartender or Server

Estimated Wage: C$11.00/hour + tips

One of the most common jobs for international students is working as a server or bartender because it offers flexible working schedules. The food service industry hires part-time staff, making it a good entry-level job. However, in this part-time job, you may have to work during nights and weekends also.

 3) Uber Driver

Estimated Wage:C$14.00–C$25.58/hour

The part-time work of an Uber driver is one of the most famous jobs in Canada for international students. To grab this job, you should be 21 years old and have a reliable car and a smartphone. If you have all these things, you are eligible for this job. This job offers flexibility where you can set your own working hours.

 4) Tutor

Estimated Wage: C$15.00–C$20.00/hour

You can tutor students in elementary school or students at the university level. You can do this part-time job independently or can join a tutoring programme at school. The income of this payment varies based on the subject you teach.

5) Freelancer

Estimated Wage: C$25.60/hour

Freelancing is also a great option for part-time jobs for international students in Canada. There are various types of freelancing jobs like content writing, graphic design, and web design, among others. As per your preference and schedule, you can freelance in almost any industry.

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6) Nanny 

Estimated Wage: C$14.67/hour

Nanny is one of the highest-paying part-time jobs in Canada. Do you like being around kids and experience taking care of them? If yes, then you can work part-time as a nanny. Many parents need help with tasks like picking up their children from school, cooking meals, putting them to bed, or just keeping them entertained.

7) Barista

Estimated Wage: C$11.41/hour

Barista is another popular part-time job in Canada for students. Many students enjoy working in coffee shops as the atmosphere is fun and no one can resist it. Coffee shops hire students because they have flexible time schedules. While this job does not pay a lot, it has its benefits. For example, if you work at Starbucks, you get great perks that can make the job worth it.

8) Dog Walker

Estimated Wage: C$14.16/hour

Is there anything better than getting paid to hang out and walk dogs? Being a part-time dog walker in Canada might need a bit more flexibility since some jobs are on-call, but it doesn’t take up much time. You usually walk a dog for 30-60 minutes, no matter the weather. Plus, depending on your duties and the number of dogs you walk, you might be able to charge higher rates.

9) Translator

Estimated Wage: C$21.16/hour

Being a translator is a good-paying part-time job for international students in Canada. As a translator, your work will be to translate the written or spoken content from one language to another, such as English to French or Hindi and other languages. You can get a job with the company or choose to work on your own.

10) Salesperson

Estimated Wage: C$12.42/hour

If you are good at communicating with people, a sales job might give you the money and flexibility you want. Being a salesperson also helps you to learn many useful skills. Your pay depends on the job, as some places pay in the form of commission, which means the more you sell, the more you earn.

11)Sales Assistant

Estimated Wage: $17

Sales assistant is one of the best part time jobs for international students.It is one of the best ways to practise your language skills. In this job your role can be to operate a cash register and support the customers. 

12)Residence Advisor

Estimated Wage:$7500-$9000

A residence advisor is a student who lives in residence with other fellow students. The job is to look after the well being of the students. Residence advisors serve as role models, create a sense of community and organise various activities.

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