Workers taking sick leave hits 10-year high; What’s the reason?

workers taking sick leave hits 10 year high; what's the reason

workers taking sick leave hits 10 year high; what’s the reason

Did you know that workers taking sick leave have hit a 10-year high? Many employees have started taking sick leaves in recent years. What’s the reason behind workers taking sick leave?

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) conducted a survey to know the reason behind many workers taking sick leave. The recent survey was conducted on 918 organizations representing 6.5 million employees. The report suggested that many UK workers took the most sick leave in more than a decade during the past year. 

Why are workers taking sick leave?

Most workers said that they took sick leave because of stress. During the survey, 76% of respondents revealed that stress was the factor behind sick leaves. Some employees also took sick leave because of the recurring cases of Covid-19. Some workers said that the cost-of-living crisis was also the reason behind sick leave.

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Over the past year, many people took sick leave because of stress. The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) suggested that many workers needed more support to get back to work.

An average employee took 7.8 days of sick leave over the past year, which is the highest in records since 2010.

Over 37 per cent of companies surveyed in this study said that COVID-19 was the reason behind a significant cause of short-term absence at work.

However, mental health was the main reason behind a cause of long-term absence at work. Around 63% of respondents had problems with mental health.

Recently, a report by KPMG revealed that around 40 per cent of workers in the UK wanted to change their career because of the high cost of living. KPMG surveyed 1,500 UK employees to know the plight of the workers. They said that they needed a change because of the challenging economic environment.

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