WNY Should Not Judge Migrants Quickly, Says Jericho Road Founder

wny should not judge migrants quickly, says jericho road founder (2)

wny should not judge migrants quickly, says jericho road founder (2)

Since Erie County migrants began to arrive, Jericho Road has provided case management assistance and health care services.

Even though the young employee who was allegedly sexually assaulted by an asylum seeker was not his employee, CEO, and founder Dr. Myron Glick stated that everyone is upset about the situation.

Protecting our staff, the Jericho staff, is of the utmost importance, and we are doing everything possible,” Glick said.

In response, the governor’s office is deploying the National Guard to provide logistical and operational support in Erie County. It is currently establishing a command center and anticipates the arrival of the first members this week.

Glick stated that the added security is appreciated.

I’m also concerned about the pressure that our staff could be feeling from outside the hotel, as well as the opposition to this program and the general safety of the current situation in a polarised community,” he said.

Glick stated that Jericho Road is currently working with approximately 700 migrants and he supports the county executive’s call to temporarily halt the influx of New York City residents. Rep. Nick Langworthy, R-NY-23, stated that the state and the city of New York must immediately begin implementing policies to stop the influx.

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“Until reality sets in, it’s all virtue signaling politics, and I just want people to know that not everyone supports these open-border policies,” he said.

Carl Heastie, however, stated that the situation is a federal issue requiring federal intervention.

Heastie stated, “I don’t think the Republican House is interested in helping because it’s a good political issue for them, but this is about people and their lives.”

Glick expressed grave concern over the increasing polarisation in Erie County and throughout the state. He believes that the vast majority of the refugees who have fled to the region are good people who need assistance.

“At this moment, I believe it is easy for hatred to prevail, and we cannot allow that,” he said.

He stated that leaders should reconsider the model of transporting people upstate and housing them in hotels.

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