Will Lying On Your Resume Land You In Jail?

will lying on your resume land you in jail

will lying on your resume land you in jail

Last updated on June 12th, 2023 at 01:33 pm

Isn’t today’s job market quite competitive?

It definitely is.

Those who are in need of work know well to their core how difficult it is to land a top role in a prominent organisation. But this nerve-racking competition has compelled some unprincipled job seekers to exaggerate their experience to improve their chances of getting the role.

But what could be the consequences of lying on official documents?

Experts say they can be dire. Let’s have a look.

A number of experts have often raised warnings against lying on your CV as it could have major repercussions, including missed opportunities, harm to the reputation, licence revocation, and at times, even legal troubles.

It is therefore necessary to embrace honesty in your job hunt as every tiny lie can have serious consequences.

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Moreover, on top of the already mentioned issues, lying on your resume can also give rise to a vicious cycle as one lie leads to another – making you more and more stressed and anxious every passing day.

What Constitutes A Lie?

Now a lie doesn’t necessarily involve an outright false statement. Omissions can be equally risky as well. Discrepancies are usually found in the education sector, where some job seekers claim to have completed an educational program when they may have just started.

Other examples include exaggerated job duties, embellished titles, false references, and altered dates of employment. During interviews, some candidates may even provide fictitious information, such as unreliable reasons for leaving previous positions.

Although this sort of unscrupulous behaviour is seen in only a handful of job seekers, the figures are on the rise.

Amid increasing discrepancies in background checks, a growing number of companies are now investing in technologies to improve the effectiveness of employee screening.

Therefore, think twice before resorting to such unfair practices, which might not seem serious but are actually.

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