Will Deporting Migrants Solve the US and Mexico Border Crisis?

will deporting migrants solve the us and mexico border crisis

will deporting migrants solve the us and mexico border crisis

The US has signed on Mexico to help tackle the surge in illegal migrants by deporting them to their home countries. The Biden administration has noted a surge in border crossings across the Southwest. Last month, border authorities recorded more than 300,000 migrants nationwide, up from July’s 245,213. 

The recent illegal crossings via Mexico into the US saw the temporarily closure of an international bridge and freight train service. Moreover, a state of emergency was declared to contain the crisis. Through the agreement, the US and Mexico will carry out various actions to prevent migrants from risking their lives. 

What Will Mexico Do?

Mexico, as per the agreement, will depressurize its northern cities in El Paso, San Diego and Eagle Pass, Texas. The Department of Homeland Security has deployed more than 800 new active duty personnel to the border, with the busiest sectors being Del Rio, El Paso, Lower Rio Grande Valley and Tucson. 

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Mexico will also negotiate with Venezuela, Nicaragua, Brazil, Cuba and Colombia to help the migrants get back to their respective countries. The agreement with Mexico allows US border patrol agents to expel the illegal migrants via the Ciudad Juarez International Bridge. Mexico officials will submit a daily report of the number of migrants on the train system to El Paso’s Customs and Border Protection. Checkpoints would be setup along the Ferromex rail route. Officers will also check the railways and highways. 

From January 1 to September 2023, Mexico has deported more than 788,000 migrants to their home countries. 

Deporting Migrants from the US

Deporting migrants would temporarily resolve the crisis. Experts believe the problem should be tackled by the roots. But most of the migrants are from countries with political and social problems. Some believe the current surge of migrants at US borders could be because of misinformation and increase in kidnappings, among other things. However, it cannot be denied that COVID-19 and deteriorating conditions in Latin America led to the surge in migrants into the United States. 

Troy Miller, Customs and Border Protection’s Acting Commissioner, called for coordination of efforts to diminish skyrocketing irregular migration. He highlighted continuation of lawful trade and travel, mirrored patrols with Mexican law enforcement agencies. Miller said the US and Mexico are committed to stemming the flow of irregular migration driven by unscrupulous smugglers.

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