Which Texas Cities Have The Best Work-Life Balance?

which texas cities have the best work life balance

which texas cities have the best work life balance

A healthy work-life balance can improve physical, emotional and mental health of the employees. In today’s fast-paced world, finding a healthy work-life balance can seem like an impossible task. However, a new study by HowtoStartanLLC.org revealed that there are various cities in the United States with the best work-life balance. Three Texas cities have made it to the list of the top 50 for cities with the best Work-Life Balance.

Which Texas cities have the best work-life balance?


Plano, a city in north Texas, is one of the best cities for work-life balance. According to a new study by HowtoStartanLLC.org, Plano is the 29th best city in Texas for work-life balance. People are friendly and value work-life balance. On average, employees work about 5 to 7 hours a day at the City of Plano. Some people also prefer working from home. 

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Austin, the state capital of Texas, has the best work-life balance. Austin is the 30th best city in Texas for work-life balance. The city has various startups and tech companies with the best employee benefits, work-life balance and salary.


McKinney, a city and the county seat of Collin County, Texas, United States, also offers great work-life balance to employees. McKinney is the 47th best city in Texas for work-life balance. Various companies in this city have a supportive work environment. The city provides flexibility and the firm policies are too good. Some workers have better pay with shorter working hours.

Last year, nearly 1 million Texans quit their jobs for work-life balance. It’s called “the great resignation.” The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data showed that nationwide quitting happened in 2022. They put their mental health over employment as they rejected work. Many workers decided to stay home with their kids. Some who quit their jobs started new businesses.

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