Wealth and Well-Being: 10 richest cities to live in Illinois in 2024

wealth and well being 10 richest cities to live in illinois in 2024

wealth and well being 10 richest cities to live in illinois in 2024

In Illinois, a state renowned for its economic variety, certain cities are beacons of prosperity and superior quality of life. The top 10 richest Illinois cities to live in in 2024 have been examined in this article, along with their mean income and the elements that have contributed to their affluence.

1. Winnetka

Winnetka is the highest on the list, with an astounding mean income of $215,000. Winnetka is well-known for its opulent homes and gorgeous environs, and it provides inhabitants with an unmatched lifestyle.

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2. Hinsdale

Closely behind with a mean income of $185,000 is Hinsdale. This city draws those looking for a balance between wealth and community because of its lavish residences and first-rate amenities.

3. Glencoe

With a mean income of $180,000, Glencoe is among the richest communities in Illinois. Its wealth is derived in part from its luxury lifestyle, cultural attractions, and beachfront estates.

4. Highland Park

Highland Park, which has a mean income of $160,000, is praised for its lively community and breathtaking scenery. The city’s dedication to the arts and high-end lifestyle contributes to its allure.

5. Lake Forest

With a mean income of $150,000, Lake Forest is a prosperous community that blends old world elegance. The city is among the wealthiest in Illinois because of its emphasis on preservation and education.

6. Burr Ridge

Burr Ridge, boasting a mean income of $145,000, offers a combination of luxury apartments and green areas. Its strategic location and upmarket facilities make it a sought address.

7. Wilmette

With a mean income of $140,000, Wilmette is notable for its thriving economy and cultural environment. There is a strong sense of community among the residents, and living standards are good.

8. Inverness

With a mean salary of $135,000, Inverness draws those looking for a peaceful but affluent lifestyle. The city is more appealing because of its dedication to green areas.

9. Deerfield

With a mean income of $130,000, Deerfield has the advantages of a favorable business climate and a strategic location. Its attraction is bolstered by a variety of recreational choices and excellent schools.

10. Northbrook

Northbrook, with a mean income of $125,000, completes the list. Northbrook, which is well-known for its affluent lifestyle and robust business sector, has well-designed communities and cultural attractions.

These ten Illinois cities rank well in terms of wealth and mean income in 2024, demonstrating the state’s diverse economy and dedication to excellent living standards.

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