Wales TUC Report Reveals Unseen Threats: Workers at Risk from Unregulated AI in the Workplace

business people having discussions in meeting room

business people having discussions in meeting room

Last updated on February 1st, 2024 at 06:14 am

A new report from Wales TUC talks about the problems workers in Wales are facing because of artificial intelligence (AI) in their workplaces.v It also talks about the risk of AI taking credit for creative workers’ pictures and creations.

AI is affecting Different jobs in Different Ways. For instance, in the performing arts, AI created an audiobook using an Actor’s Voice without them knowing. Journalists worry about having to Write 50 Articles a Day with the help of AI and Photographers are Concerned that AI might Create images that seem like Human Work, which they think is like Stealing.

Teachers are having a hard time Dealing with AI, Especially in Checking Students’ work that might be Done by AI. The Report says there’s Conflicting advice from Managers and Exam Regulators, Making it Unclear how it Might affect Education Quality.

The Report says we Need to do Something about these issues Urgently. The Equity Union Suggests changing Copyright laws to Protect Creators learning from Hollywood’s Actions against AI use. Other Unions talk about Worries Regarding AI increasing Surveillance and invading Workers’ Privacy.

The Report says that AI Surveillance at Work because Bosses don’t trust Workers and want to Save Money is making Workers Unhappy. For example, Delivery Workers are tracked using GPS and even a One-Minute Stop can be Reported to the Boss.

The Report also talks about How AI is making HR Processes less Human Causing Problems for Workers. Unions want more say in how AI is used to make sure Workers are Safe and Benefit from it.

Wales TUC leader Shavanah Taj Stresses the real Problems Caused by AI and wants Workers to have a say in Changes. The Report Calls on the Welsh Government to Set an Example Guide Everyone on this issue and make Sure Workers are Part of the Decision-making about AI. It’s a Call for action to Solve these Problems with AI in Workplaces.

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