Undermining Asylum: Political Maneuvers Threaten the Right to Seek Refuge in the UK

undermining asylum political maneuvers threaten the right to seek refuge in the uk

undermining asylum political maneuvers threaten the right to seek refuge in the uk

Last updated on February 1st, 2024 at 06:01 am

In the Midst of Political fervor and Election-year Posturing, the Right to Seek Asylum in the United States has become a Contentious issue. Demonstrators Gathered near the White House in March 2023 to Protest Reported plans by the Biden administration for new Asylum Restrictions at the Southern Border. In the Complex landscape of Presidential Politics, it is Challenging to assess the Various Proposals Objectively, as they Risk undermining the Long-Standing Legally Protected right to Seek Asylum.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights Unequivocally Enshrines the Right to seek Asylum from Persecution, a Principle upheld by US immigration Law. ThisRright allows individuals to apply for Asylum upon Entry, irrespective of their Status or the Designated Port of arrival. Despite these Established Principles, Politicians from both Sides have introduced Proposals that Contradict these rights. Congressional Negotiators have Treated the Right to Seek Asylum as a Bargaining chip in Discussions Related to Foreign Policy Funding for Countries Such as Ukraine and Israel.

A recent attempt by Senate Negotiators to reach a deal that would raise the Asylum Screening Standard faced Opposition from former President Donald Trump, who declared “zero chance” of supporting the legislation. President Joe Biden Responded by asserting that the deal would Grant him the Authority to “Shut down the Border” in the event of a Certain level of Daily Migrant Crossings.

The right to Seek Asylum however, is Particularly Crucial during “Mass influxes. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Adopted in 1948 by the UN General Assembly, was intended not only to Prevent the Recurrence of World War II atrocities but also to Ensure that Refugees fleeing the Holocaust would not face Push Backs.

While Hosting large numbers of Refugees may be Challenging for any Country, adhering to the Responsibilities outlined in international agreements is not Optional but a matter of Duty. Restricting the Number of Asylum Seekers and Closing Borders to those fleeing Persecution Contradicts the Principles of a Responsible Government. As the issue Becomes a Focal Point in the 2024 Presidential Race, it is imperative to uphold the Values that Protect the right to seek Asylum, irrespective of Political Considerations.

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