Victory For Women’s Rights: 92-Year-Old Woman Goes To School

victory for women’s rights 92 year old woman goes to school

victory for women’s rights 92 year old woman goes to school

Good news for Indian women! A 92 year old Indian woman goes to school for the first time, highlighting a victory for women’s rights. Her story has also inspired other women to continue their studies in India.

Salima Khan was born before the India-Pakistan partition. The Indian great-grandmother was born in 1931 in India. She was married at the age of 14. After marriage, she had to leave her education because of societal pressures.

She always wanted to read and write. She had a lifelong dream of completing her education. Until the late 90s, Indian society has never given importance to women’s education.

Inspirational story of a 92-year-old woman

Salima Khan is from Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh, India. The 92 year old woman has finally learned to read and write after going to school. 

Her inspirational story has gone viral on social media. Many people are appreciating her efforts. It is a victory for women’s rights.

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In April, she finally began studying. Her grandson’s wife took her to the school. The two women helped each other. 

With the help of her education, she finally started counting from 1 to 100. Her story also went viral on Twitter and Instagram. She also started writing her name. She can also count money. 

She told the Times of India, “My grandchildren used to trick me into giving them extra money as I couldn’t count currency notes. Those days are gone.”

Volunteers from a government education initiative had encouraged Salima Khan to continue her studies. School headmistress Pratibha Sharma lauded Salima Khan.

School headmistress revealed that Salima Khan was passionate about studies. The authorities were unable to refuse her demand for studies. 

Many women were inspired by Khan. Around 25 women from her village also started attending classes. They said that Khan inspired them to continue their studies after many years.

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