UK Govt Passes ‘Rwanda Migrant Bill,’ Plans To Send Migrants Back

uk govt passes rwanda migrant bill plans to send migrants back

uk govt passes rwanda migrant bill plans to send migrants back

The UK government, led by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, has passed a new law about people who come to the UK without official permission. 

These people are often called asylum seekers or migrants. They are people who leave their own countries for various reasons, like war or looking for a better life, and try to live in another country like the UK.

Recently, a lot of people have been coming to the UK in small boats across the sea from France. Last year, about 29,000 people came this way. The journey is very dangerous, and some people have died trying to cross.

The UK government has made a deal with Rwanda, a country in East Africa. According to this deal, some people who arrive in the UK without permission will be sent to Rwanda instead. The UK has paid Rwanda a lot of money for this, but no one has been sent there yet.

Some people, including human rights groups, say this plan is not fair or safe. They worry that people sent to Rwanda might not be treated well or could be sent back to their home countries where they might face danger. 

The UK’s highest court, the Supreme Court, said last year that sending people to Rwanda might be against the law because Rwanda might not be a safe place for them.

But the UK government still wants to go ahead with this plan. They say it will stop people from trying to come to the UK in dangerous ways and will break the business of people who make money by helping others cross the sea illegally. Prime Minister Sunak believes this plan is a big part of his job and he has made changes to the law so it can go ahead.

The new law is still facing challenges, though. It has to be approved by another part of the UK Parliament, the House of Lords, and there might be more legal issues. Also, the UK is part of some international agreements about human rights, and the plan might go against these.

So, right now, the plan is still uncertain. The government wants to start sending people to Rwanda soon, but they have to overcome these challenges first.

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