Migrant Workers Rally for Rights in New Zealand

migrant workers rally for rights in new zealand

migrant workers rally for rights in new zealand

In a bid to highlight their concerns and demand fair treatment, migrant workers in New Zealand are set to gather for a rally near the Philippines embassy in Wellington, as well as at key locations in Auckland and Christchurch. The event is scheduled for 12:00 on January 19.

Migrant workers are very important in New Zealand because they bring their skills and hard work to help the country grow. However, they face problems like not being treated fairly, getting low pay, and working in unsafe conditions. To solve these issues, migrant workers are getting together so they can talk about their problems and ask for help from the community to solve the issue. 

There’s going to be a rally near the Philippines embassy in Wellington. This is important because it wants to bring attention to the difficulties that Filipino workers face in New Zealand. Also, there will be gatherings in Auckland and Christchurch where workers from different backgrounds can come together and talk about their shared problems.

The people came to gather to start a rally, no matter where they come from. They are joining this rally together. They believe that standing together as one, migrant workers believe others [people can see the problems they’re facing and work towards making things better at their jobs.

The rally was planned to be a peaceful gathering where people will be free to talk,hold signs, and share their stories. So the other people  can know about the challenges they face. They hope that this rally will make changes. With the help of this rally they want employers, policymakers and everyone else to understand how much migrant workers do and encourage them to ensure these workers are treated well and looked after.

New Zealand likes to see itself as a place that welcomes people with different backgrounds. The rally is a way of saying that there’s still so much work to do to and  make sure that all workers are treated kindly and fairly at work no matter where they’re from,

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