Uber To Raise Minimum Wage For Drivers In France

uber to raise minimum wage for drivers in france

uber to raise minimum wage for drivers in france

Uber — a technology company that provides ride-hailing services, food delivery, and freight transport — is set to raise the minimum wage for drivers in France, a country in Europe, under a wider wage agreement.

Uber Technologies, which operates in approximately 70 countries and 10,500 cities worldwide, will raise wages for French drivers under a wider agreement between ride-hailing companies and driver representatives in France.

The company said on Wednesday that the drivers would earn a minimum income of 9 euros per trip, up from 7.65 euros they were earning previously. 

What can French drivers expect?

French drivers can expect a guaranteed income of 30 euros per hour and 1 euro per kilometer. The changes in minimum wage per kilometer will be implemented by May 2024. The wage increase in revenue per trip will be implemented by February next year. 

According to Bloomberg News, the company will offer concessions to workers fighting for better work-life conditions. The ruling also applies to companies like Bolt and FreeNow.

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Previously, New York State Attorney General Letitia James said, “For years, Uber and Lyft systematically cheated their drivers out of hundreds of millions of dollars in pay and benefits while they worked long hours in challenging conditions.”

The pay increase comes a month after Uber and Lyft agreed to pay $328 Million under the largest wage-theft settlement. New York Attorney General Letitia James announced that the two companies unlawfully withheld wages from drivers. Uber agreed to pay $290 million and Lyft agreed to pay $38 million to workers under the settlement.

Earlier this month, the European Union agreed on a bill that provided employee benefits to workers at app-based platforms like Uber and Deliveroo. The proposed bill on ‘gig workers’ rights was a win for app-based delivery workers.

Earlier this month, a New York state appeals court asked companies to pay the workers $17.96 an hour, and increasing the pay to nearly $20 in April 2025.

These measures have been taken in anticipation of the upcoming European Union regulations aimed at improving protections for gig workers.

The pay raise marks a significant shift in the global gig economy. 

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