UAE’s Amdjarass Based Field Hospital: A Lifeline for Sudanese Refugees in Chad

uae's amdjarass based field hospital a lifeline for sudanese refugees in chad

uae’s amdjarass based field hospital a lifeline for sudanese refugees in chad

In a commendable display of humanitarian support, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) established a field hospital in Amdjarass, Chad, to provide much-needed medical aid to Sudanese refugees seeking refuge in the neighbor country. The hospital has established itself as a lifeline for disadvantaged groups since its opening on July 9th, 2023, including women, children, the elderly, and those with chronic ailments. It has also expanded its services to the neighborhood, meeting the region’s more comprehensive healthcare requirements.

Since April, Sudan has been dealing with a protracted conflict that has caused a humanitarian crisis that has driven thousands of people to flee within its borders and many more to look for safety in neighbouring nations. Due to Chad’s proximity to Sudan, its meagre resources and healthcare system are severely strained by the flood of Sudanese refugees.

The UAE took proactive measures to solve the humanitarian crisis because they understood how urgent the situation was and how important it was to help people impacted by the violence. The UAE created the Amdjarass-based field hospital in Chad to offer vital medical support to the Sudanese refugees and the local population as part of its commitment to humanitarian aid and relief operations.

The field hospital has been instrumental in reducing the suffering of vulnerable people ever since it was established. The UAE’s commitment to meeting the unique needs of the most vulnerable populations is evidenced by the hospital’s concentration on women, children, the elderly, and people with chronic diseases.

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The hospital’s medical staff has successfully handled a remarkable number of 1,744 patients. Out of these, 1,346 instances were internal medical cases, 225 were surgical cases, and 173 needed orthopaedic therapy. In addition to these treatments, the hospital’s qualified medical staff carried out 11 complex procedures, saving lives and giving new hope to individuals in critical need of medical care.

The field hospital not only offers direct medical care to refugees and the local population but also strengthens and supports the country of Chad’s current healthcare system. The UAE’s efforts improve Chad’s ability to meet the healthcare demands brought on by the influx of Sudanese refugees by working with local medical personnel and authorities.

The field hospital in Amdjarass is a glimmer of optimism in the gloom of a humanitarian disaster. Its effective operation and noteworthy effects highlight the need for global collaboration and support in addressing complex problems.

The UAE’s dedication to delivering humanitarian help and relief to people affected by conflicts and disasters is demonstrated by the development of the Amdjarass-based field hospital. By concentrating its efforts on vulnerable populations, the hospital has been able to meet urgent medical needs and lessen the suffering of the local Chadian population and Sudanese refugees. As the hospital continues to provide a crucial medical lifeline, it also highlights the significance of international cooperation and unity in solving humanitarian issues worldwide.

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