UAE Secures Top Spot as Global Workers’ Preferred Job Destination: Deel’s Latest Report

uae secures top spot as global workers preferred job destination deels latest report

uae secures top spot as global workers preferred job destination deels latest report

Last updated on February 4th, 2024 at 01:18 am

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has become as the most Preferred destination for global workers. It is  Highlighted in the recent Global Hiring Report by Deel. This took the report data from contracts in 160 countries. it  also shows that more and more companies  are hiring in the United Arab Emirates. France, the UAE, India, Turkey, and the United Kingdom Stand out as the top Choices for UAE Recruiters. Which shows the Nation’s dedication to find a Diverse and lively Multinational workforce.

Industries’ Contribution in growth 

This Report also shows the main most imported industries Which take its part to this growth.  Services, IT & Services, Computer Software, Management Consulting, and Marketing & Advertising play the main part as the leading sectors attracting international talent to the UAE. In terms of job roles, positions such as Management Consultant, Content Manager, Software Engineer, Influencer Marketing Manager and Strategy Director are highly Sought after, Reflecting the dynamic and innovation-driven Nature of the UAE economy.

Tarek Salam who is the Head of Expansion at Deel, Expressed that the Report shows the UAE’s great transformation into a global business hub. The country’s dedication to talent, innovation and a Dynamic business environment which Resonate  with international Professionals and make its position very strong as a top hiring Destination.

Salam shows the value of the UAE’s Development  and multicultural workforce as an imported asset. Through the Attraction and Retention of international Talent, the Country is Strategically Positioning itself for ongoing Economic Growth and Success on the Global stage..

This Report also Shows how United Arab Emirates intelligent People  who are leaving a Great mark on the international Employment Market. UAE talent is highly sought after by companies in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. This demand is particularly strong in industries such as Computer Software, IT & Services, Financial Services, Marketing & Advertising, and Software Development, with roles like Software Engineer, Sales Executive, Marketing Manager, Account Manager, and Full Stack Developer being particularly favored. The annual Report shows a Positive Result for the UAE’s global influence in the job Market.

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