New Migration Rules Impacting Care Workers’ Families While NHS Spared

new migration rules impacting care workers families while nhs spared

new migration rules impacting care workers families while nhs spared

Last updated on February 4th, 2024 at 01:15 am

The Home Office recently announced some new rules about migration, and people are not happy, especially those in the care sector. These rules say that social care workers can’t bring their family members to the UK, while those working for the NHS don’t have the same restrictions. These new rules caused a lot of criticism. Care England’s Chief Executive, Martin Green talks about why there’s this difference in these treatments.

Martin Green pointed out in his statement that the government is not being fair. Herasises question why they are treating the NHS and social care workers differently.  He is calling on the Department for Health and Social Care to make sure social care gets the same treatment as the NHS.

The new rules, set to begin on March 11, 2024, take away the right for international care workers and senior care workers to bring their family with them to England. This has increased people’s worries about how these workers will handle this situation without their families’ support.

Martin Green is questioning the government’s decision to stop social care workers from bringing their families while not doing the same for the NHS. He believes that if this is the best way to make it easier to hire workers from other countries, he said it should apply for both, the social care and the NHS.
He emphasizes that social care is always being treated unfairly compared to the NHS. He wants the Department for Health and Social Care to fight for social care in the same way they fight for the NHS. According to him, social care is not only neglected but also constantly treated worse than the NHS. The date for these new rules are getting closer, and more people are joining these conversations. They are asking for fairness and equal treatment for everyone in the healthcare sector.

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