“Trail Of Blood” On Floor: Tesla Robot Attacks Engineer; Are Workers Safe?

trail of blood on floor tesla robot attacks engineer; are workers safe

trail of blood on floor tesla robot attacks engineer; are workers safe

Tesla — an American multinational automotive and clean energy company, which is owned by tech billionaire Elon Musk — has failed to protect its workers. In recent months, many workers at Tesla factory have suffered workplace injuries, explosions and robot injuries. 

According to a report by the New York Post citing The Information, a robot brutally injured an Engineer at Tesla factory in Austin, the capital city of the U.S. state of Texas. A new report has highlighted the plight of Tesla workers at Texas factory. Many workers at Tesla factory in Texas have suffered due to crushed limbs, amputations, electrocutions, head injuries and eye wounds. 

What happened to the Engineer?

A software engineer reportedly suffered serious injuries after a robot attacked him at the Tesla factory. The brutal incident took place at Tesla’s Giga Texas factory in Austin in 2021. The incident was revealed in a 2021 injury report. 

The malfunctioning robot was designed to move aluminum car parts. However, the robot pinned down the Engineer. The robot injured the worker’s back and arm by sinking its claws, leaving a trail of blood on the factory floor. 

At the factory, two robots were disabled for maintenance but the third robot remained active. The Engineer reportedly suffered an open wound on his left hand.

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Tesla workers report robot injuries

According to The Information, some gruesome incidents took place at the Tesla factory. Last year, 1 out of every 21 workers reportedly suffered workplace injuries. In another incident, a worker’s ankle got caught under a cart and he suffered intense injuries at the factory. Tesla workers reported robot injuries.

In another incident, a worker suffered a head injury. Another worker also got pinned to the wall by a robot. 

Earlier this year, an engineer became unconscious after getting launched back from an explosion in the metal casting area at Tesla factory. The explosion sent a ball of fire and smoke into the air.

In June, another worker got injured due to a lack of protective equipment at the Tesla factory. Many workers suffered fractures and a punctured lung. 

Recently, SpaceX employees complained that Elon Musk barred them from wearing yellow-colored safety clothes because he doesn’t like bright colors. Workplace injuries soared in Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Tesla because of lack of safety.

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