Tin Hau Building Seizes Construction Worker Protest 2nd Time

tin hau building seizes construction worker protest 2nd time

tin hau building seizes construction worker protest 2nd time

Construction workers at a Tin Hau building have protested for non-payment of wages a second time in a month; this time, the amount in question is reportedly over HK$1 million.

On Hing Fat Street’s Viking Garden’s scaffolding, a group of contractors and construction workers could be seen protesting at around 10:13 am.

Additionally, they displayed banners calling for repaying all unpaid wages and construction fees. 

The workers allegedly had contracts for the scaffolding work on the building, but they haven’t received payment since finishing their work in November of last year.

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According to one employee, the company claimed that the subcontractors had already been paid for their services and the workers’ wages, but he “had not received a single dollar.”

It is understood that the workers’ salaries and construction fees totaling about HK$280,000 have been withheld, with the entire construction project costing more than HK$1 million.

Later, a liaison from the construction company showed up to mediate the conflict alongside police mediators. Around 11 a.m., the workers finally consented to return to safety.

According to reports, the two parties have scheduled a meeting with the labor department to figure out how to handle the unpaid wages and construction fees.

Five construction workers staged their most recent demonstration on 14 April at the same building, demanding payment of HK$2 million in back wages that have been overdue since last October. 


Construction workers at the Tin Hau building encountered a challenging circumstance and were compelled to go on strike twice to collect unpaid wages. This is a crucial reminder that to prevent future occurrences of this kind, laws, and regulations governing the payment of construction workers need to be improved. We should all stand with these workers who are fighting for their rights and make sure that employers pay their employees fairly following the law.

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