The Jacksonville Megachurch’s Decision To Cancel Membership Based On Sexuality Is Legal

the jacksonville megachurch's decision to cancel membership based on sexuality is legal

the jacksonville megachurch’s decision to cancel membership based on sexuality is legal

The First Baptist Church in Downtown Jacksonville was recently in the news for its indecent act. Recently called and asked its members to sign a statement. The statement is something that is trying to put members on a threshold, the statement said, requiring members to affirm that they only believe in “biblical sexuality” or that they are ready to “interfere” in their membership in the church.

My brain is sucking after seeing an affirmation like this by a church, but I’m not sure what you’re thinking. Perhaps my reason is the Pope Francis’s statement that he issued to the media a few days ago.

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But a reciprocal question must arise, Does First Baptist’s decision to allow only those who identify with biblical sexuality to be legal members?

The ACLU states that there is no national law that stops or bans discrimination based on gender identity in public places. In Florida, no law does so.

In Jacksonville Laws, it is implying that three years ago the city council passed a Human Rights Ordinance. The Ordinance protects equality and prohibits discrimination in employment and housing, not in obtaining goods or services. This also provides some relief and space for religious organizations.

So on basis of this ordinance which allows some businesses and religions to protect themselves the affirmation by the First Baptist Church is fully legal. There is no violation of state, local, or any other law in it.

The Church has the legal right to revoke membership based on sexuality and gender identity.

The church held a community open mic on Sunday evening to explain their recent announcement and reaffirm what they want members to do.

The pastor also said his views that he saw this idea as a message of love. Stating that the Church should do its part to tell sinners what they need to hear before they are judged.

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