That Perfect Balance, Work-Life Symphony

that perfect balance, work life symphony

that perfect balance, work life symphony

Achieving that perfect balance to work-life and life-work is a hard nut to crack, but doesn’t mean that this is impossible. Work is no doubt important and a major part of our lives. And it determines our lifestyle. Work is important and so is live. 

There has to be a balance, a perfect balance that doesn’t derail our lives, but takes an effort to nail it. We have to give the same importance and sincerity as we give to the other, meaning that work is important and so is life. If we are always working and not taking time out for ourselves, then there is an imbalance and it takes a toll on our physical and mental wellbeing. 

Thus, there has to be a work-life symphony, a harmony. 

Work-Life Symphony

You will be surprised that major corporate houses, businesses and employers are pushing their employees and workers to take out time for themselves and their families. Research suggests that poor work-life equilibrium has a negative impact on employee morale and motivation at work. 

And working longer hours, more than 55 hours per week is harmful to health. It can lead to life-threatening diseases like cardiac problems, stroke, anxiety and mental breakdown among others. 

Work-life balance has become a necessity in the post COVID world. About 38 percent of employees believe their workplace is not a conducive environment for that healthy work-life harmony. 

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Psychologists say employment just provides and fulfills fundamental physiological necessities like food, clothing, shelter and a regular income. 

It also encourages people to be part of a group, social circle and enhance their self esteem. By balancing work and life, one can blend work seamlessly into their identity and lifestyle, creating a sustainable and fulfilling approach. 

How to Achieve this Work-Life Balance

It’s very easy! Just shift your perspective. Weigh out your priorities and you can foster a life-work integration: 

Routine – be flexible. Don’t imbalance work, or life, weigh out your options and work accordingly. Don’t waste time, as time is everything. If you waste time on your smartphone or laptop, you are cutting away precious time for either your work or life! 

Communication – talk, have candid conversations with your seniors or managers and at home too, with your loved ones. If you don’t talk, how will they know what’s happening or going on? 

No – boundaries are important for mental health. If you know you cannot handle a project or can’t take out time, say no. Set limits. Protect your space. 

Me Time – take out some much needed me time to pamper yourself, catch up with your friends or just a nice cup or tea or coffee, a good magazine or novel, or a good movie you have been wanting to watch. Go to a day spa or a simple walk in a park.

Integrate your work and life, to make it a ‘You’.

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