An Excellent Balance: Women Happily Juggle Work and Life 

an excellent balance women happily juggle work and life

an excellent balance women happily juggle work and life

A work and life balance is more important than ever to keep families together and professional lives intact. It has become a necessity, need of the hour. For women, it’s a challenge since they have more responsibilities than men. They have to go back home, attend to their children and better halves. 

This can take a toll on mental health, thus the importance of self-care and physical wellbeing. A person should take only as many responsibilities as she can bear. There’s the risk of burnout and complete exhaustion. This is where a holistic lifestyle comes into the picture. And there are life coaches helping take care of that. Self care has indeed become a priority. 

It means good health. And when health is good, work and life is a breeze. Here are some ways to maintain that perfect balance:

Learn to say no

Don’t burden yourself by, push away tasks and responsibilities that can be taken care of later.

Daily routine

Stick to the routine, if you want some changes do it slowly, not suddenly that it catches you off guard.

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Dedicate at least two hours daily for some “me-time”, enjoy a refreshing cup of coffee, a good boo, keep away from gadgets like smartphones or laptops.

Supportive environment

Create a good network of friends and family who understand and know you, and can give a listening ear from time to time.

Set on your goals

Make a set of achievable goals and work towards it. Avoid putting things on your list that are difficult to attain as it can be stressing.

Try to be flexible.

Flexibility is much needed in work life balance. In fact it enhances one’s professional life and maintains personal life. But if stress manages to creep into your space, seek professional help. Talk to a friend who knows you personally or a professional therapist. 

Experts and life coaches agree that work life balance is individualist, but attainable. It’s definitely tough but can be achieved if your mind is set for it.

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