STRIKE: Over 11,000 City Workers Walk Off the Job in LA

strike over 11,000 city workers walk off the job in la

strike over 11,000 city workers walk off the job in la

Los Angeles is bracing for a major strike by over 11,000 city workers on Tuesday. The workers, who are represented by SEIU Local 721, are striking over issues including wages, healthcare, and working conditions.

The strike will affect a wide range of city services, including sanitation, transportation, and parks and recreation. Trash collection, bus service, and lifeguards will be among the services that are disrupted.

The strike is the latest in a wave of labor unrest that has swept across the country in recent months. 

In May, thousands of Hollywood writers and actors went on strike for nearly three months. And in June, thousands of teachers in Los Angeles went on strike for six days.

The city of Los Angeles has said that it is prepared for the strike and that it will work to minimize the impact on residents. However, the strike is expected to cause significant disruption to the city.

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The workers are demanding a 6% wage increase, better healthcare benefits, and a reduction in workloads. They also want the city to stop outsourcing jobs to private contractors.

The city has offered a 4% wage increase and some improvements to healthcare benefits, but the union has rejected the offer. The union says that the city’s offer is not enough to keep up with the rising cost of living in Los Angeles.

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The strike will start at 12:01 a.m. on Tuesday and should last for 24 hours. No one knows how long the strike will go on or how it will affect the city.

The strike is a major test for Mayor Eric Garcetti, who has been criticized for his handling of labor relations in the city. Garcetti has said that he is committed to reaching a fair deal with the workers, but it remains to be seen whether he will be able to avert a strike.

The strike is also a reminder of the growing power of labor unions in the United States. In recent years, unions have won major victories in a number of industries, including healthcare, education, and transportation. The strike in Los Angeles is a sign that unions are not going away anytime soon.

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