10 Simple Steps to Go Green: Reducing Your Office’s Carbon Footprint

Simple Steps to Go Green: Reducing Your Office's Carbon Footprint

Simple Steps to Go Green: Reducing Your Office’s Carbon Footprint

Workplaces can do a lot of good things to help take care of the earth. They can do small easy things that save energy and are better for nature. Saving energy helps because it means we don’t burn as much coal, oil, or gas which puts bad smoke and gases into the air we breathe. Some easy things workplaces can do are: Turn off lights when leaving a room, keep warm or cold air inside by keeping doors and windows closed, use laptops instead of desktop computers because laptops use less electricity, print on both sides of paper to save trees, recycle paper, bottles and cans, and put reminders by light switches to turn off lights.

10 Simple Ways to Make Your Office Better 

Conduct an Energy Audit

Look at your office’s energy use. Then you can see where you waste energy and how to use less.

Optimize Lighting and HVAC Systems

The lights and systems that keep office buildings warm or cool use a lot of energy. Think about changing to LED lights and getting smart controls that automatically adjust the lights and temperature based on whether people are in the room and how much natural light is coming in.

Encourage Remote Work and Virtual Meetings

If people work from home more, it means less driving and traveling for work. Get good video call tools so people can meet without going to the office.

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

Have lots of recycling bins and tell people to reuse things instead of throwing them away. Don’t use too much plastic that gets thrown out after one use.

Go Paperless

Stop using so much paper. Have people use computers and tablets instead of printing everything. Sign documents on computers too.

Source Sustainable Office Supplies

When you need to get office supplies, buy ones made from recycled or renewable materials. Get energy-efficient machines and see if you can buy used ones sometimes.

Encourage Sustainable Transportation 

Tell people to share rides, ride bikes, or take the bus to work. You can give them a little extra money for doing this.

Invest in Renewable Energy

Look at getting solar panels or buy power from wind or solar farms for your office. This helps the planet.

Educate and Engage Employees

Make sure your workers know why it’s important to save energy and help the earth. Let them give ideas too on how to do better.

Measure and Track Progress

Keep looking at how much energy your office uses to see if you are making things better. Celebrate when you improve and keep trying new things.

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