Revealing The Truth Of Office Myths

Revealing The Truth Of Office Myths

Revealing The Truth Of Office Myths

Many untrue stories go around offices. Bad information spreads fast from worker to worker. There are various types of myths that are rumored all over the world. These myths include – working too many hours makes you good at your work, broken machines are fixed only with the help of experts, and so on. In this article, we will learn some of the famous office myths and also know the truth behind them. 

Myth #1: Working too many hours makes you good at your job.

Truth: Studies show working over 50 hours a week makes you worse, not better. Your brain gets tired and you don’t do good work. It’s better to work normal hours and get enough sleep.

Myth #2: You need an expert to fix broken machines.

Truth: Office machines like printers can often pose difficulties, however, many broken things have clean fixes. Before calling a repair person, strive for easy stuff like including greater toner, jammed paper, or restarting the system. Reading the commands can also help.

Myth #3: Doing many tasks at the same time is productive. 

Truth: Our brains can not really do a couple of things together. We quickly transfer between obligations and substitutes. This makes us unfocused and slower at our jobs. It’s better to focus on one task at a time.

Myth #4: You cannot leave work before your boss leaves.

Truth: It doesn’t matter if you leave before or after your boss, as long as you work all your hours and finish your work. If you complete the work before the logout time, you can log out from the day and leave. 

Myth #5: Desks with decorations look messy and bad.

Truth: Having a few decorations like photos or small plants can actually help you work better by reducing stress. But too many things on the desk can make it look dirty. 

Now you know the truth behind these common work tales! Use these simple facts to separate myth from reality at your workplace.

This article is part of our ‘Corporate Series’. Stay tuned for more.

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