Set an Example: 6 Methods Mangers Can Use To Help Employees Find A Balance

set an example 6 methods mangers can use to help employees find a balance

set an example 6 methods mangers can use to help employees find a balance

Last updated on December 25th, 2023 at 08:11 am

All I do is just work! Do have often get such thoughts? You are not alone. Multiple statistics stress a sizeable number of US employees feel they need a healthy work-life balance. But how does someone find harmony between their job and their personal life?

The truth is, there is no common prescription for all. You may have to play with the factors involved. Trying to find a balance in just a day can feel frustrated. But getting that harmony may become easier across a week or more.

7 Tips To Balance Professional and Personal Life

1. Plan

Plan ahead to combine professional activities and leisure, social or fitness. For example, you can handle a series of virtual back-to-back meetings on a walk.

2. Set Blocks Of Time For Different Tasks

Designate a time to respond to messages, take meetings and do mentally-intensive tasks. This approach can help you become more productive and clock out at a reasonable hour.

3. Don’t Skip Lunch

Even if you are working from home, don’t bother to delay lunch or skip it entirely. The break can be used to connect with colleagues and take in a fresh breath of air.

4. Take Time Off

Some people tend to work through illnesses. Remember, time off including sick time, personal time, vacations and bereavement are important methods to nourish yourself.

5. Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness techniques such as breath awareness or meditation can help you become more in-tune with your emotions and physical sensations.

6. Hobbies

Essentially, find something that gets you excited to engage in after work hours. Hobbies boost our energy and vitality, helping bring our fresh selves back to work.

7. Communicate

Talk to you leaders as communication is often considered the key to handle any sort of confusion or misunderstanding. Your manager may help you prioritise.

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How Managers Can Support Employees Find A Balance

1. Remind Your Employees To Unplug

Encourage your team to leave their professional cellphones and laptops at home when they go on vacation. It’s an unsaid rule but your employees will appreciate the explicit permission.

2. Provide Space To Connect

Organise birthday parties, book clubs and other opportunities to help your team connect socially. Stronger connections among employees make a more productive team.

3. Educate Employees On Their Benefits

Remind your team that sick leave and PTO are part of their compensation, and don’t forget to take advantage of the leaves yourself.

4. Respect The Clock

Don’t schedule meetings before and after work hours, unless really necessary. Encourage your employees to end their tasks at a designated time every day.

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