Rajasthan Government Announces Rs 200 Crore Fund For Gig Workers

rajasthan government announces rs 200 crore fund for gig workers

rajasthan government announces rs 200 crore fund for gig workers

The state Budget of Rajasthan was in between the public now. Many new announcements are attracting people’s eyes. In between this, the Government of Rajasthan has announced several concessions for gig workers as part of this year’s budget announcements. The state government has been empowered to set up an INR 200 Cr welfare fund and implement the Gig Workers Welfare Act.

The Rajasthan government has also allowed local authorities to set up welfare boards for gig workers.

Many things are cleared after the speech of CM’s Budget speech.

The CM Gehlot estimated that the number of gig workers working across the state rose to 3-4 lakh because the number of gig workers working with companies like Ola, Uber, Swiggy, Zomato, and Amazon had increased.

In the budget there is a part for developing the future and status of gig workers ,  there is no social security system in place for these workers so the budget is a new beam of hope for them. After this Rajasthan has become the first state in INDIA to provide financial assistance or support to gig workers under a dedicated law.

‘Mukhyamantri Chiranjeevi Shramik Sambal Yojana’ is the name of the scheme. In this scheme, gig workers will be offered  Rs 200 per day for a maximum period of 7 days as financial assistance, in case of hospitalization.

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Though this is a piece of good news for Rajasthan and the INC, because in between the crisis and surrounding of ‘AMBANI-AADANI’S government,’  they are working for the lower middle class. Let me remind you that Rajasthan is India and is currently under govern of the Congress party.

Apart from these some media reports say that the state’s information technology department has been developing an ‘app’ for the last year and will track the journeys undertaken by gig workers. – Report source- #theprint.

The Print also said that it will serve as a benchmark for the levy that will be imposed on employers of gig workers. Companies will have to pay an additional fee on each trip or delivery, which will fund the Gig Workers’ Provident Fund, pensions, and health and accident insurance.

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