NSA on Journalists – New Era of Dictatorship? 

nsa on journalists new era of dictatorship

nsa on journalists new era of dictatorship

When I think, or write about India… I just imagine a democratic country with rivers, fertile fields, people with sweet tongues – of course different languages. Land of the Gods. God’s…? Because people have different beliefs, more than 18 religions live on that land… which we call India. 

The country has had a great history since its inception, yet the graph of this country is progressive. With great foreign policies and world relations and great leadership.

The land of Gandhi, Ambedkar, Sardar Patel, Moraji Desai, and more!

Before going to the main point of the article and the page, I would like to mention some of the Chief Justices of India. Justice HJ Kania, Justice SM Sikri, Justice Hansraj Khanna, Justice P.N. Bhagwati, and the list is long so get out of here! Basically, the thing is that this democratic Indian judiciary has been made by politicians.

Balanced power is the key to the success of any multidimensional democracy.

But when history shows power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely!

What is the matter?

PTI told “Manish Kashyap, who circulated fake video of the attack on Bihari migrant laborers in Tamil Nadu, has been detained under NSA Act,”

A YouTuber named Manish Kashyap was detained on Thursday under the strict National Security Act (NSA)  after being arrested in March for disseminating fake videos depicting Bihari migrants being attacked in Tamil Nadu and causing panic among them.

The action takes place the day after a Madurai district court ordered him held in judicial custody until April 19. In the first week of March, Kashyap, a YouTuber, spread false footage of Bihari migrants being attacked and tortured in Tamil Nadu. When his videos went viral, migrants from north India who were getting ready to travel to their villages to celebrate Holi became alarmed.

For disseminating false information and false videos, the Tamil Nadu Police arrested Kashyap and a few other people. In the final week of March, after spending a few days in hiding, Kashyap turned himself into the Bihar Police and was taken to Madurai by Tamil Nadu police.

What is NSA ?

The National Security Act of 1980 was passed by the Indian Parliament with the goal of providing preventive detention in certain cases and for matters connected therewith. The Rowlatt Bills allowed the State to detain a citizen without granting them the ability to file a legal complaint or even access to legal counsel. The Government of India Act, 1935 granted the State the authority to detain people proactively for reasons related to defence, foreign policy, or the performance of Crown duties in its interactions with Indian States. The Supreme Court overturned the belief that the “procedure established by law” must also be reasonable, just, and justifiable. The Maintenance of Internal Security Act (MISA) was abolished in 1977 and the three years between the repeal of MISA and the adoption of the NSA in 1980 were the only ones in the Indian republic without any preventive detention laws.

By using this NSA law a person can be detained for upto 12 months. 

Can the NSA destroy the fourth pillar of democracy – the media?

NSA was done to support and strengthen democracy and not destroy it. But the police and politics have the guts to make a snake out of a rope. 

The court said that the matter is not as big as it is being shown in the media.

I am not here to defend any Manish Kashyap, but clearly I need a defender of democracy!

This is not a first time when a journalist came into the trap of NSA. You can search on google  you will find a row of cases.

Manish’s family said that Manish did not make such a video to spread fake news, he was trying to attract Bihar and Tamil Nadu government on the plight of migrant laborers. If India what was he doing to highlight the bad condition of migrants inside the country?

Now the matter is heating up as time passes and Manish Kashyap is stuck between Bihar and Tamil Nadu to raise his voice for the migrants from North India. Let me correct my words…. Journalists are trapped in fear of raising voice for Tamil Nadu or Bihar.

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The Tamil Nadu government, which tried to save the killings of former PM Rajiv Gandhi, invoked the NSA to save its ego and put a journalist in jail. It is again turning into a minor fight between Hindi and Tamil.

Whoever raises his head in front of the government will be crushed….the path of dictatorship

NSA on Journalists – New Age of Dictatorship?

Not only the Tamil government, but the state government of Bihar is also partly involved in this matter. The day Manish Kashyap told Bihar Deputy CM Tejaswi Yadav – We will never accept you as CM, after that the matter got heated! 

Though the Supreme Court had earlier said that criticizing the government is necessary for a healthy democracy, democracy will degenerate into dictatorship if the government now starts misusing the NSA to silence voices. 

Let me tell you that both the government and police did not show any such evidence to prove that the video made by Kashyap was false or fake.

It is clear that the case of Fake news is turned into a fight between Minister and Journalist !

Sum UP –

A democratic country with a population of more than 140 crores speaks through the media, and journalists are the medium! If they are nodding, raising their voice then the government should look into the matter and should not suppress the journalist!

But people or India is looking at dictatorial behavior of “5 years of guest (govt) and public servants”

We demand that every person who tries to demolish India’s democracy should be punished…even Kashyap but to save the ego of the government at the cost of democracy a journalist in a democratic nation was not punished May go!

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