New York School Bus Strike to Disrupt Thousands of Students

new york school bus strike to disrupt thousands of students

new york school bus strike to disrupt thousands of students

Children in US’ largest school district New York City faced hurdles due to delays, heavy traffic and flat tires as they marked the start of a new school year. But things are set to get tougher because of an impending school bus drivers strike. 

Tens of thousands of students in the New York City public school system would be impacted. The union representing bus drivers, mechanics and attendants said they just cannot make ends meet, and are seeking a fair contract. 

The Education Department said ongoing negotiations between ATU Local 1181, the union representing New York City school bus drivers, and contracted bus companies had delayed the process of assigning drivers bus routes, practicing runs, and notifying families of pickup times. It will provide MetroCards, prepaid rideshares and reimbursement plans if a strike does happen. 

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Schools Chancellor David Banks said discussions are ongoing, both parties are talking. “The Department of Education is not at the bargaining table for this agreement. This agreement is being negotiated between bus companies and the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU).” He highlighted that if the strike does happen, about 80,000 students would be affected. Banks said the city’s contingency plans include emergency metro cards for subway and bus trips for families affected and prepaid vouchers for rideshares. 

New York City Mayor Eric Adams said they want to do what’s right by their bus drivers. “They are moving our children to and from.” Moreover, the addition of over 100,000 asylum seekers, many families who have school aged children, to the metro since last Spring has complicated the start of the school year. 

Meanwhile, the New York City government says parents and guardians will be notified by an automated call, email and text if there is a strike. A second notification will be sent on the first morning of interrupted service.

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