More Wages, Less Work: Lamborghini Introduces Four-Day Week

more wages, less work lamborghini introduces four day week

more wages, less work lamborghini introduces four day week

The working hours will be reduced, while wages will be raised for Lamborghini workers. Lamborghini, an Italian manufacturer of luxury sports cars, has reached a deal with labor unions to introduce a four-day week for its production workers. They will enjoy three days off without any cut in their salaries.

The labor associations and the company said on Tuesday that there would be a reduction in working hours without cutting wages. The FIOM and FIM-CISL unions said the agreement was historical for the workers. The workers will have great work-life balance.

Four-day week in Lamborghini 

Lamborghini is the first in the automotive industry in Europe to introduce four-day week. The company has reduced working hours and increased salaries of the employees. 

More companies are considering the structure of the work week for their employees. Many employers aim to improve employee well-being and promote company savings.

Production workers on a rotating two-shift schedule will work four days a week, overall cutting 22 days of work each year. They will work 31 days less than before. 

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Four-day week schemes

Four-day week scheme has been adopted by many countries in Europe. Under the 4 week module, employers found that employees worked more in less time, job retention and recruitment improved and sickness levels went down.

FIOM and FIM-CISL said, “Work less and work better.” Under the deal, Lamborghini has also increased salaries of its employees. The deal between the union and the company includes a 50% increase in the current variable bonuses. Employees will also receive over 1,000 euros this month.

Various countries in Europe have already started trials for a four-day workweek schedule. In recent months, several countries launched their pilot programs to test the effectiveness of a four-day working week.

In October, Germany announced a pilot scheme to test the effectiveness of a four-day working week. Employees received the same salaries by working four days instead of five days. 

Under the scheme, employees would work four days a week instead of five while getting paid the same salaries. However, the workload will remain the same. 

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