Mississippi State University To Provide Education To Migrant Children

mississippi state university to provide education to migrant children

mississippi state university to provide education to migrant children

Mississippi State University (MSU) in the United States has received over $4 million in federal funding to provide education opportunities to migrant children. 

The grant will help Mississippi State University (MSU) to continue meeting the educational needs of migrant children across Mississippi, a southern U.S. state. Mississippi Migrant Education Service Center, a federal program that offers supplemental and supportive educational services to migrants, will offer education opportunities to migrant children amid the migrant crisis.

$4 million grant helps MSU to support migrant children

The five-year grant worth $4 million, which is administered by the Mississippi Department of Education, will support MSU’s ongoing efforts to provide academic services to agricultural migrant families across the state.

The funding will ensure that migrant children have access to educational opportunities. Mississippi Migrant Education Service Center interim director, Gabby Davis, has said, “Migrant children face many obstacles created by cultural and language differences, which can cause them to fall through the gaps. Our goal is to make sure they receive the same educational opportunities as other students.”

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What can migrant children expect?

Mississippi Migrant Education Service Center serves around 750 migrant children across Mississippi each year. Mississippi Migrant Education Service Center provides tutoring, advocacy, school supplies, and summer programs to migrant children.

Teresa Jayroe, MSU College of Education dean, has said that migrant children will receive a comprehensive education. Teresa Jayroe further said, “Every step we take is towards creating a brighter, inclusive future for all students.”

Last month, the US also reopened a facility near the border with Mexico in order to help migrant children. It provided shelter and food to a group of unaccompanied migrants. 

The $4 million grant is funded by the Office of Federal Programs. The grant is part of the Migrant Education Program. 

Unaccompanied migrant children in the US

In July, around 9,400 migrant children arrived in the US. In August, over 13,000 unaccompanied migrant children arrived in the US. In September, HHS (Health of Human Services) received more than 12,000 unaccompanied migrant children. HHS received an average of 431 migrant children per day in August.

In September, a Texas housing facility was reopened for migrant children. Health of Human Services said that migrant children would be kept at standard care provider facilities.

After opening the migrant facility, the authorities urged residents to help migrant children. The authorities also urged people who were bilingual to teach migrant children at the facility.

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