Migrants To Europe Dying In Gun Violence And Brutal Accidents

migrants to europe dying in gun violence and brutal accidents

migrants to europe dying in gun violence and brutal accidents

The route through the Western Balkans into the European Union (EU) has become dangerous for migrants. Gun violence and brutal car accidents have claimed lives of various migrants. Many irregular migrants reaching the EU via the Western Balkans route have been suffering because of the gunfire between smugglers. Despite the dangerous situation, the number of migrant arrivals keeps rising. They face various difficulties and struggles on a daily basis. Migrants often encounter hostility and prejudice. They also face discrimination due to their refugee status. The plight of migrants is a matter of great concern. 

What happened to migrants?

Reports of gun violence have become common near the border between Serbia and European Union member nation Hungary. Last week, a gun battle between rival gangs on the route through the Western Balkans into the EU killed at least three Afghan migrants. 

Serbian officers detained several people after the brutal incident. Police accused Moroccan, Afghan and Syrian gangs of inciting violence in the area.

The Austrian and Slovak governments said that various migrants reach their borders via Hungary. Slovakia also imposed temporary controls on its border with Hungary over a rising number of illegal migrants entering the country. 

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Gun violence and brutal accident kills migrants

Last month, a car carrying illegal migrants crashed in southern Hungary near the Serbian border. Migrants’ car crashes killed two people and injured six others. It was not known how many illegal migrants were in the car. It was one of 20 crashes involving migrants in Hungary in the past year. 

Migrants crossing through northern Serbia faced gun violence and brutal car accidents. Fighting between different gangs often claimed the lives of migrants. They faced exploitation and unfair treatment.

On 27 October, one person died and eight people, including four children, were injured in Hungary near the Serbian border when a car carrying migrants crashed with a truck. Three children suffered life-threatening injuries. 

Last July, a 16-year-old girl was killed and seven migrants were injured in a gunfight involving Moroccan and Afghan gangs.

The migrants, predominantly from the Middle East and Afghanistan, enter Hungary from the Serbia border despite a steel fence that Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban, had built. Gabor Balog, the head of the anti-trafficking unit of Hungarian police, said that “the fence is constantly being damaged.”

It is important to help alleviate the suffering of migrants and contribute to a more inclusive and compassionate world.

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