McDonald’s Fired 18 Workers Due To Sexual Abuse And Bullying Claims

mcdonald's fired 18 workers as a result of sexual abuse and bullying claims

mcdonald’s fired 18 workers as a result of sexual abuse and bullying claims

McDonald’s – an American multinational fast food restaurant company – has fired 18 workers after claims of sexual abuse, racism and bullying, Alistair Macrow – chief executive of McDonald’s UK and Ireland – has said.

McDonald’s boss in Britain said that the fast food restaurant company faced “one to two” sexual harassment allegations from workers every week. Alistair Macrow, chief executive of McDonald’s UK and Ireland, fired 18 workers in order to “eradicate” abuse claims.

A BBC report in July revealed various allegations of sexual abuse, racism and bullying by employees at McDonald’s outlets in Britain. More than 400 allegations were made against some McDonald’s workers in the four months since July. 

McDonald’s fired 18 workers

McDonald’s boss in the UK said that his employees’ accounts of alleged sexual harassment and racism were “truly horrific and hard to listen to.”

McDonald’s said it fired 18 employees and took 75 measures after investigating 157 cases. Some 249 cases still need to be investigated. 

McDonald’s UK also opened a specialist unit to investigate the whole matter. Law firm Leigh Day also launched a group legal action against McDonald’s. 

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What happened to McDonald’s workers?

Employees were in ‘fear’ while working at McDonald’s. A toxic culture of sexual assault, harassment, racism and bullying was alleged by more than 100 UK staff at outlets in Britain. A 17 year old female worker was groped and harassed almost routinely. The 17-year-old Chinyere initially raised the issue of sexual and racial harassment by a much older male colleague with a female colleague. However, she was told to ignore the man’s behavior and get back to work. After months of harassment, her stepfather filed a complaint to the police. Later on, the perpetrator was fired.

A 17-year-old employee in Cheshire used a racial slur word and asked to show her his penis. He told the female employee that he wanted to make a “black and white” baby with her. 

A former worker said that a senior manager at Plymouth choked her and grabbed her bottom. He also sent her sexually explicit images. 

A manager asked a 16 year old female worker to have sex with him. Mcdonald’s in UK came under fire because of these cases. Several workers said that McDonald’s managers at the outlets across the UK were responsible for the sexual harassment and assaults.

McDonald’s said it fired 18 employees because they were part of these cases. 

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