Latinos Voice Frustration with Immigration as Inequality Grows

Xochilt Nuñez's experience defies the typical narrative surrounding immigration critics.

Xochilt Nuñez’s experience defies the typical narrative surrounding immigration critics.

Xochilt Nuñez’s experience defies the typical narrative surrounding immigration critics. As a Mexican immigrant who crossed the border into California in 1999, her journey was arduous, taking over a week and leaving her without food or water for days. Yet today, the 53-year-old farmworker and single mother of three expresses mixed feelings about the migrants now arriving at the southern border.

Nuñez represents a growing number of Latinos, both native-born and undocumented, who are voicing concerns about the immigration system and at times directing their frustration towards the migrants themselves. This sentiment is backed by recent polls showing heightened worry about immigration among Latino communities.

The Roots of Latino Discontent – Latinos Voice Frustration

The roots of this Latino discontent are multifaceted. Decades of failed attempts at comprehensive immigration reform have left the system in disarray, fueling resentment. But the issue is also deeply tied to widening economic inequality in California and across the country.

According to G. Cristina Mora, a sociologist at UC Berkeley, “These conversations on immigration are happening as California is more unequal than it’s ever been…but it’s easy to sort of pass the blame on to newcomers.” 

For Nuñez, the crux of her frustration stems from a belief that the system is “hopelessly rigged” – more than 25 years after arriving, she remains undocumented like many farm workers. The economic pressures and disconnects faced by Latinos, both immigrant and U.S.-born, are further exacerbated by the spread of online misinformation about migrants.

A Long History of Anti-Immigrant Sentiment, Even Among Latinos

Experts note that this is not the first time Latinos have directed anger towards new immigrant groups. The nation has a longstanding history of anti-immigrant sentiment, even within the Latino community itself.

The current backlash also reflects the complexities of the immigration debate, where the interests of different Latino subgroups don’t always align. While some Latinos empathize with the struggles of new migrants, others view them as a threat to jobs, services, and the “American Dream” they’ve fought to achieve.

Ultimately, the frustration voiced by Latinos like Nuñez underscores the urgent need for comprehensive immigration reform and addressing the growing inequality that fuels resentment – not just among Latinos, but across all communities.

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