Italy: Trieste women wear ‘burkinis’ to support Muslim women

italy trieste women wear ‘burkinis’ to support muslim women

italy trieste women wear ‘burkinis’ to support muslim women

In a rare incident in Trieste, the capital city of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region in northeast Italy, more than 50 women and a few men swam fully clothed at a beach on Sunday to support Muslim women.

The demonstration was organized by a group of people in support of Muslim women in Trieste. They wore a swimsuit that covered the entire body. 

On 13 August, Muslim women were slammed for wearing the all in-one swimsuit called “burkini” at the beach. Burkini covers the entire body, except the hands, feet, and face. 

Some local beachgoers said that Muslim women swam in “stinky clothes,” accusing them of “scarce hygiene.” However, some people expressed their support for Muslim women. 

People gathered at the Pedocin beach resort on 20 August in support of Muslim women. The historic beach is divided into the men’s and women’s sectors. Protests took place in the women’s section. Some Muslim women also participated in the demonstration. 

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Protesters held banners saying, “Which one is more polluting – a dress or a cruise ship?” They were referring to the cruise ships that harbor daily in the city. Other banners read, “Biodiversity is beautiful” and “We want to live in peace in Pedocin.” The protesters wore burkini and formed a large “circle of reconciliation” into the water. 

However, some people criticized the demonstrators. They urged them to “go back home.” They also used racist slurs for the protesters. 

Nurah Omar, the vice president of Trieste’s Islamic Cultural Association, slammed people for discriminating against the Muslim beachgoers. She further said that women should decide which clothes to wear. She also said, “If a non-Muslim Italian woman had decided to go to the beach with her clothes on, there wouldn’t have been any discussion.”

However, Marco Dreosto, an Italian politician and a Member of the European Parliament, slammed the protest. 

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