Israelis Launch ‘Day of Disruption’ Protests as Knesset Reopens

Israelis Launch 'Day of Disruption' Protests as Knesset Reopens

Israelis Launch ‘Day of Disruption’ Protests as Knesset Reopens

Things are tense in occupied al-Quds as Israeli protesters against the government start a “Day of Disruption”. They want to block roads and rally in large numbers in front of the Parliament building. The protests happen as Parliament reopens today, with a big protest set for 5 PM.

Israeli media reports say the rallies will have vehicle convoys intentionally blocking major roads like Route 1, the main road into al-Quds. Protesters allegedly planned to set vehicles on fire to cause more problems, so Israeli police arrested 12 people earlier today related to this.  

Families of Prisoners Join Anti-Leader Push

Adding to the protests, families of Palestinian prisoners held by Hamas in Gaza have explicitly called for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to be removed from his position. Over the weekend, they said Netanyahu failed to negotiate to free the prisoners, leaving their loved ones to possibly die.

The families directly asked Security Minister Yoav Gallant and others to stop Netanyahu from making any more decisions alone about the prisoner issue. Their anger shows more groups are joining together against Netanyahu’s leadership.

Protesters Oppose Court Change Plans    

The main reason for the current protests are Netanyahu’s plans to change the judicial system, which critics say will weaken democratic checks and balances. The proposed changes would let Parliament overrule Supreme Court decisions and give the government more control over choosing judges.  

Organizers see the “Day of Disruption” as a needed escalation to pressure Netanyahu to back down from the judicial changes. With prisoner families now explicitly calling for his removal, the prime minister faces a large movement demanding either major concessions or his resignation.

Israel Not Involved in Iran Leader’s Death

In a separate but related issue, an Israeli official firmly denied any involvement in the sudden death of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi over the weekend. Raisi’s death from an apparent heart attack has caused instability and infighting in Tehran.  

“Israel had absolutely nothing to do with the events around President Raisi’s tragic death,” the official stated, keeping anonymous due to the sensitivity of the matter. “We extend our condolences to the Iranian people during this difficult time.”

The denial comes amid some speculation that Raisi could have been targeted, given the bitter tensions between Iran and Israel. However, Israeli leadership has consistently said it does not assassinate foreign heads of state.

As Parliament reopens today, all eyes are on Netanyahu and whether he will give in to sustained public pressure over both his legal plans and the prisoner crisis. The “Day of Disruption” looks set to bring al-Quds and nearby areas to a tense standstill.

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