Iran bans 12 actresses from working in film over Hijab violations

iran bans 12 actresses from working in film over hijab violations

iran bans 12 actresses from working in film over hijab violations

The authorities in the Islamic Republic of Iran have banned 12 actresses from working in film over failing to observe the country’s dress code, which includes wearing Hijabs (headscarves). 

Mohammad Mehdi Esmaili, the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance of Iran, said, “Those who do not follow the law, will not be allowed to work.” The women actors would not be allowed to work in movies because they violated the hijab law.

Which Iranian actresses are banned?

Iran banned a dozen actresses who were found to be violating the hijab law. Baran Kosari, Vishka Asayesh, Taraneh Alidousti, Katayoun Riahi, Panteha Bahram, Hengameh Ghaziani, Pegah Ahangarani, Fatemeh Motamed-Aria, and more actresses will not be allowed to play roles in movies.

Taraneh Alidoosti and Katayoun Riahi were among the public figures who were arrested during last year’s protests over the death in custody of 22-year-old Iranian-Kurdish woman, Mahsa Amini.

Oscar-winning actors also chopped off their hair in solidarity with Iranian protesters. Marion Cotillard and Juliette Binoche, as well as other French screen and music stars, also chopped off their hair. 

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Blow to women’s rights

The director of the Supervision Department, Habib Ilbeigi, said that the 12 Iranian actresses cannot participate in new film projects because they defied hijab standards. He said, “Due to the constraints they confront, these actresses will no longer be able to pursue their careers in cinema.”

This is a huge blow to women’s rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Barring them from participating in film productions because they refused to wear a Hijab is a blow to women’s rights. 

Violations of women’s rights are rampant in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Recently, an Iranian teen Armita Geravand was ‘brain dead’ after an assault by police. Armita Geravand, a 16 year old girl, encountered female police officers over violation of the country’s hijab law. She was traveling via a metro without wearing a hijab. She was pushed into a metro carriage by female morality police officers. They allegedly assaulted her and she fell into a coma. She was taken to the hospital with head injuries. At the hospital, she was declared brain dead. 

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