India’s Top Destination for Skilled Professionals Is Canada: Expert Opinion

india's top destination for skilled professionals is canada expert opinion

india’s top destination for skilled professionals is canada expert opinion

Due to the high demand for skilled Indians, countries like Canada, Australia, the UK, Singapore, Norway, the United States, Germany, Finland, and the United Arab Emirates are choosing to immigrate from India.

In recent years, an increasing number of skilled professionals from India have been choosing Canada as their preferred destination for career opportunities and a better quality of life. The reasons behind this migration trend are numerous, ranging from favorable immigration policies to a thriving job market. Let’s delve into the factors that make Canada an appealing choice for Indian skilled professionals, as highlighted by experts in the field.

1. Immigration Opportunities:

Canada has gained a reputation for its inclusive immigration policies, which prioritize skilled professionals and offer multiple pathways to permanent residency. Programs like the Express Entry system and Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) have streamlined the immigration process, making it easier for Indian professionals to obtain Canadian permanent residency. This pathway not only allows them to work in Canada but also provides a clear route to Canadian citizenship, if desired.

According to the IRCC, 4,44,480 Indians moved to Canada between 2018 and 2022. They received immigration visas that included entrepreneurs, skilled workers, and the experienced class.  The majority of people who received permanent residency in 2022 were from India, followed by China, Afghanistan, Nigeria, and the Philippines. 

India’s expanding middle class and the ideal combination of education, language proficiency, work experience, and settlement funds required ideally by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for visa approval are the reasons for the rising number of Indian immigrants. 

2. Strong Job Market:

Canada’s robust and diverse job market is a major draw for Indian skilled professionals. The country is experiencing a shortage of skilled workers across various sectors, including information technology, engineering, healthcare, finance, and more. This demand for skilled talent opens up numerous employment opportunities and the potential for career growth. Canadian employers value the skills and expertise brought by Indian professionals, contributing to their success in the job market.

According to IRCC, Indian skilled professionals who are highly active in information and communication technology (ICT), health, and other science and engineering related arenas are attracted to migrate to Canada by employment opportunities and attractive pay structures in a variety of sectors. 

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3. Competitive Salaries and Benefits:

Another enticing factor for Indian professionals is the attractive salary packages and benefits offered in Canada. Compared to many other countries, the wages in Canada are generally higher, ensuring a better standard of living. Additionally, Canada provides a comprehensive social security system, healthcare benefits, and a strong emphasis on work-life balance, all of which enhance the overall quality of life for skilled professionals and their families.

4. Cultural Diversity and Inclusivity:

Canada prides itself on being a culturally diverse and inclusive society. Indians, in particular, find a welcoming environment in Canada due to the presence of a vibrant Indian diaspora and various cultural communities. This fosters a sense of belonging and eases the transition into a new country. The multicultural fabric of Canadian society ensures that individuals from different backgrounds can thrive and contribute to the nation’s social and economic development.

5. Education and Research Opportunities:

Canada boasts world-class educational institutions renowned for their research and innovation. Indian professionals, including students, have been increasingly drawn to Canada’s universities and colleges to pursue higher education and gain exposure to cutting-edge research. The Canadian education system provides a strong foundation for career advancement and helps individuals build valuable networks, further enhancing their professional prospects.


Canada has emerged as the top destination for skilled professionals from India, offering a plethora of opportunities and an inclusive society. The country’s favorable immigration policies, strong job market, competitive salaries, cultural diversity, and educational excellence all contribute to its appeal. The Canadian government’s commitment to attracting skilled talent has resulted in a win-win situation, with Indian professionals finding a welcoming environment to grow their careers and Canada benefiting from their skills and contributions. As a result, the trend of skilled professionals choosing Canada as their preferred destination is expected to continue in the coming years.

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