How Are Deepfakes Dangerous For Actors Amid Rise Of Artificial Intelligence?

how are deepfakes dangerous for actors amid rise of artificial intelligence

how are deepfakes dangerous for actors amid rise of artificial intelligence

The employment world is changing. People are leaving big companies for independent work, finding freedom and control in their own hands. But a new problem has come up in the adult film industry because of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Recently, AI has been misused to create deepfakes (fake adult videos). This means using technology to make videos where actors seem to say or do things they actually never did. This has caused big worries among adult film stars. 

AI Misuse In Adult Industry

Demi Sutra, a well-known actress, shared a troubling story. Even though she always says no to certain types of scenes, someone used AI to make a fake video of her saying things she would never say. This made her very upset and worried about the children’s safety.

In the adult film industry, there are strict rules. Before filming, everyone agrees on what they will and won’t do. These rules are crucial to avoid legal problems. 

But now, with AI, anyone can create a video that looks real but shows the actors doing things they never agreed to. This is happening without any punishment.

Human Touch v/s AI in Content Creation

This misuse of AI is also seen on popular websites. It’s mostly used against women, making fake videos of them without their permission. This is a big concern for actors who have done many scenes, as it’s easier to make realistic fake videos of them.

The issue of AI misuse was also a big topic in a recent Hollywood strike. The actors managed to get rules to limit how their images can be used with AI. Adult film stars hope for similar laws to protect them.

Legal Gaps in AI Regulation

Currently, there are few laws against AI misuse. Some U.S. states treat it like revenge porn, which is illegal. However, these laws don’t cover all cases of AI misuse.

Some lawmakers want stronger laws against AI misuse, even if it’s not meant to harass someone. The internet plays a big role in spreading these fake videos. There’s a suggestion to make laws that would punish websites for allowing such content.

Despite these challenges, adult film stars are confident that real human emotion in their work can’t be replaced by AI. They believe that genuine, consensual content is what viewers really want.

Disclaimer: Please note that we (The Workers Rights) neither support the pornography industry nor recommend AI-based deepfakes! This article is all about making people aware of the misuse of AI, and potential danger to the workers of different industries.

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