Georgia Fires Recruiting Staffer Involved In Fatal Crash And Lawsuit

georgia fires recruiting staffer involved in fatal crash and lawsuit

georgia fires recruiting staffer involved in fatal crash and lawsuit

Georgia fired Victoria Bowles, a staff member who survived a car crash that killed football player Devin Willock and another staff member in January. 

Bowles filed a lawsuit against the University of Georgia Athletic Association and former football player Jalen Carter, alleging negligence and false claims about the crash. 

The university says Bowles was fired because she didn’t cooperate with their investigation into the crash. Bowles’ lawyers argue that her firing was in retaliation for the lawsuit and criticized the university’s actions.

The crash happened shortly after the Georgia Bulldogs won their second consecutive national championship. The driver, Chandler LeCroy, was reportedly racing Carter at high speeds and had a high blood alcohol level. 

The car crashed into utility poles and trees, resulting in Willock’s and LeCroy’s deaths. Bowles, sitting in the back seat, suffered serious injuries.

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Bowles’ lawsuit seeks damages, stating that the university allowed LeCroy to use the rented car despite her history of speeding violations. The university claims staff should only use rental cars for recruiting and not for reckless driving.

Bowles was on paid medical leave after the crash but was put on unpaid leave in March. Her attorney claims the university treated her unfairly due to her low salary and her lawsuit.

The university states that employees must cooperate with investigations, but Bowles refused to speak to their investigators through her attorney. This led to her termination, according to the university.

Jalen Carter, a former Georgia player, was involved in the incident and faced legal consequences. He received probation and a fine for reckless driving and racing charges. Another player, Warren McClendon, was also in the car but suffered minor injuries.

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