Families Of Israeli Child Hostages Urge Hamas To Release Them

families of israeli child hostages urge hamas to release them

families of israeli child hostages urge hamas to release them

The families of Israeli children, held hostage by Hamas fighters in the Gaza Strip, pleaded for international voices on World Children’s Day on 20 November to demand their release during a protest outside the building of the United Nations children’s fund in Tel Aviv, a city in Israel. 

The Israeli Association for Early Childhood said that some 40 children and babies were held hostage by Hamas members in the Gaza Strip. The association also launched a video campaign to mark World Children’s Day on Monday.

Huge protest on World Children’s Day

Several hundred people held a huge demonstration on World Children’s Day. The protest came six weeks after Hamas militants attacked Israel, killing some 1,200 people and taking around 240 others hostage, including women and babies.

Reportedly, at least 35 of the hostages taken by Hamas members are children. A baby was also born in captivity amid the Israel-Hamas conflict. 

Huge protests erupted on World Children’s Day in Israel. Demonstrators held Israeli flags as well as portraits of the children and stuffed toys at the building housing the offices of UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund), the UN children’s agency.”

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The protesters chanted, “UN do your job!” Hadas Kalderon – an Israeli citizen, whose two children have been held in Gaza by Hamas militants – said, “Many children are hostages — brutally taken hostage — and the world is silent? Large institutions like UNICEF are silent. Have you forgotten your role?”

The Israeli Association for Early Childhood said, “Wake up world! When your children dream of superheroes, our children were kidnapped to Gaza by Hamas-ISIS.”

Children at great risk amid the Israel-Hamas conflict

Amid the Israel-Hamas conflict, children are at great risk. Since October 7, crime against women and children have increased. Recently, around 31 premature babies were also evacuated from Al-shifa hospital. Dr. Muhammad Zaqout, the director general of hospitals for the Palestinian Health Ministry, told the media, “They were 39. Eight of them died.” According to Palestinian authorities, many premature babies have died due to power outages and a shortage of medical supplies at the hospital. UNICEF warned that the babies’ condition was “rapidly deteriorating.” 

Previously, President of the United States, Joe Biden, said that he saw “confirmed pictures of Hamas terrorists beheading children.” He said that Hamas beheaded 40 babies, who were found near a kibbutz in southern Israel with their “heads decapitated.”

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