Israeli Women Break Silence On Hamas’ Sexual Violence

israeli women break silence on hamas' sexual violence

israeli women break silence on hamas’ sexual violence

Israeli women have been suffering because of the ongoing conflict between Israeli forces and Hamas fighters. Rape victims break silence on Hamas’ sexual violence. Israeli women have narrated the horrific details of their trauma over and over again in their quest for justice. 

The Israeli police have started investigating “several cases” of alleged sexual violence against Israeli women by Hamas fighters during the October 7 attacks. 

Various women claimed that they were raped by Hamas fighters during the attack. David Katz, head of the Lahav 443 criminal investigation unit, said, “We have no living victims who said ‘we have been raped’.”

Israeli woman gang-raped and shot

A survivor of the Hamas attack on the Supernova music festival said that she saw a woman gang-raped by Hamas fighters and then shot dead. The survivor also revealed that a group of women were “taken to a specific place by armed men, wearing military uniforms. I understood they raped them.”

The witness also claimed that she saw another Israeli woman raped and mutilated by several armed men. A Hamas fighter also shot one woman in the head during the act of sexual violence. 

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The dead bodies of women without pants 

David Katz said that police collected evidence from the ZAKA organization about sexual violence against Israeli women. He said, “We have several statements from people from ZAKA who saw the bodies of women without pants or underwear.”

Some survivors were unable to talk because of psychological and medical treatment. Israel-Hamas conflict increased sexual violence against women. 

Violence against women

According to Haaretz Today, rape victims said that they were raped repeatedly by Hamas fighters. Hamas kidnapped civilians, including children and women. They had been taken hostage by the Hamas militants. 

In October, a German woman was paraded naked by Hamas in a truck. She was attending the music festival near the Gaza border when Hamas militants attacked the area. Later on, her dead body was found by the Israeli troops in the Gaza Strip. 

She was identified as tattoo artist Shani Louk. Shani Louk’s family and the Israeli government said that Hamas fighters killed her. Isaac Herzog, the President of Israel, said that the German woman was “beheaded” by the Hamas terrorists. Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel, said that the Hamas members raped various women and girls.  

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